DOWNLOAD BrainSplode! 1.1 (14.7 mb)

DOWNLOAD BrainSplode! 1.1 (14.7 mb)

BrainSplode is a new game from Rust Red Games about rockets and busting some alien brains! They came to suck the life out of the planet, but they didn’t expect to be BrainSploded!

As the game progresses, more stages are added to your rocket allowing for complex and exciting manouvers! Then, choose your own configuration to burst the brains!

-physically simulated explosion funnels down tunnels and around scenery!

-bouncy yellow pads!

-multiple solutions!





6 Responses to BrainSplode!

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  3. Eddy says:

    Amazing game. I love the puzzles, mechanics, and physics

  4. Craig says:

    More levels please!! Omg.. this game is ridiculously fun. I would love to see more levels and/or a level maker/editor.

    Good work!

  5. Guilhem says:

    I found this little game by chance, it is so damn fun! I especially like the colors, and the different possibilities you have to rocket those damn allien brains.

    I definitively need more level/ weapons/ enemies(moving?)!

    Thx for the stuff! Keep on the good work.

  6. Yago Dorea says:


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